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Summer Reading Program a Success!

For 30 children at a number of our multi-family communities, this summer has been an especially rewarding one.

Recognizing the tremendous impact reading has on today’s youth, earlier this year we partnered with BEAM Housing Services, a non-profit corporation that coordinates social and educational services for affordable housing communities, and the Bridges of Books Foundation to introduce youth-focused libraries into several of our multi-family communities.

With the support of BEAM, children from Whitney Crescent, Windsor Crescent, The Gardens at Birmingham, Tanyard Oaks and Oaks at Weatherby properties had the opportunity to utilize the libraries during a 6-week literacy program to build their reading skills while also completing summer reading assignments. The program, introduced by BEAM two years ago, began with the goal of reducing summer reading loss and advancing reaching achievement for economically disadvantaged children.

Led by qualified instructors, the program engaged children in second through seventh grades in literacy building exercises, creative reading-related activities and book reviews. The 30 students who participated not only finished their school summer reading requirements successfully, but they also read additional books for pleasure.

Upon completion of the program, the children’s accomplishments were awarded with a celebration during which they received an e-reader and gift cards in recognition of their hard work and to encourage them to continue reading in their daily lives.

It is our hope that by fostering a love of reading in children, they will discover that a world of adventure is available at fingertips when they pick up a book. Congratulations to all of the children who participated in the summer reading program and thank you to BEAM for helping us make this valuable program possible.

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