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Building communities. 

Investing in neighborhoods.

Dedicated to providing quality housing for residents of modest income, CIS focuses on creating environments in which individuals succeed and flourish – places that improve lives and neighborhoods.



Leading by Example   

For more than 20 years, Community Investment Strategies has changed the face of affordable housing in New Jersey – with founder, president, and CEO Christiana Foglio at the helm. The woman-owned, award-winning business has built and redeveloped more than 3,775 units throughout the state, bringing high quality housing options to low and moderate-income families.

CIS specializes in developing, building, and managing communities that reflect each neighborhood’s vision, needs, and character. Since 1994, Community Investment Strategies has been a leading developer of multi-family housing, including 55+, senior housing, and mixed-use redevelopments, as well as market-rate and affordable housing. 

An Eye for Excellence   

The CIS development team provides an unrivaled depth of knowledge in multi-family housing development services, with an expertise in affordable living models. From inception to completion, CIS remains committed to creating rental and homeownership opportunities that serve as the catalyst to revitalize communities.

CIS has been recognized for its award-winning communities, corporate citizenship, and advocacy, as well as its people-first philosophy. A certified woman-owned business enterprise, the firm is committed to promoting gender and ethnic diversity throughout its own organization as well as the communities it serves.


Solutions that Work   

Since its founding, the company has developed more than $600 million in multi-family housing solutions. CIS’ diverse portfolio includes a variety of properties, ranging from new construction to rehabilitation and assisted living residences, in key urban and suburban markets throughout New Jersey.

Guided by their market knowledge and real estate expertise, the CIS team continually challenges itself to deliver high-quality communities that generate long-term value. CIS distinguishes itself from its competitors by focusing on core community assets and employing sound planning principles. A coordinated and comprehensive development strategy results in strong market penetration and community enhancement. The team has collaborated with local housing authorities and municipalities to create innovative affordable housing solutions that reflect the diverse needs of the communities and residents in which each of its developments are located. CIS also partners with market-rate residential real estate companies to create the most compatible, cost-effective mixed-use communities.

Real Estate Development
Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows

Beyond Bricks and Mortar   

Going above and beyond the “bricks and mortar” philosophy, CIS Construction comprises widely respected industry professionals who possess best-in-class expertise and experience and an unwavering commitment to provide people with high-quality, safe homes.

CIS Construction carries out the physical realization of CIS’ overall goal – producing quality housing solutions for people at every stage of life. The company builds new construction; renovates and redevelops existing properties; offers development-related services like estimation, scheduling, negotiating contracts and more; and works with third-party services.

Over the years, CIS’ commitment to high-quality construction and neighborhood transformation has produced a lengthy list of award-winning, sustainable multi-family housing developments throughout New Jersey ranging from $3 million to more than $30 million.



CIS Constructon
CIS Management



Forging Relationships that Last  

As part of its full continuum of services, CIS does not pack up and leave when construction is complete. CIS Management provides comprehensive and responsive property management services for the entire CIS portfolio, as well as third-party contracts. Recognized as one of New Jersey’s premier affordable and creative housing solutions provider, CIS Management is committed to a hands-on, around-the-clock approach.

The team is comprised of knowledgeable property management professionals who specialize in new construction, rehabilitation, and redevelopment projects, some of which require tenant relocation strategies and transition assistance. To achieve these objectives, CIS Management is committed to building lasting tenant relations by employing approachable community managers.

As a woman-owned company, CIS Management continues to advance sufficient opportunities for women in property management roles and supports continued education for employee advancement.

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