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We Have Weathered the Storm. 

Many New Jerseyans learned the hard way that Mother Nature spares no one when Superstorm Sandy struck the Tri-State region in 2012. CIS recognized the importance of adapting to protect our residents and their homes from future weather and disaster-related damage.

CIS was one of just 12 affordable housing organizations in New Jersey and New York that received a grant from the Enterprise Community Partners to participate in its three-year Learning Collaborative for Multi-family Housing Resilience program aimed at recovering, rebuilding, and reforming the way builders plan post-Sandy.

Since then, we have analyzed our emergency preparedness efforts to reinforce our company’s reputation for providing a quality product, show that we are a conscientious developer that cares about residents and their ability to live successfully in their homes, and protect our sites because we are prepared for the worst.

Today, we are proud to say that each of our communities is designed and built to reflect the valuable resiliency practices we learned and have mastered. Not only do we construct our homes to exceed area regulations and incorporate other design and development features to ward-off potential damage, but we also incorporate a resident-focused resiliency plan into each new building we open.

In the event of an emergency, we speak candidly with members of our community – residents, municipal authorities and local disaster recovery organizations – about emergency planning and preparedness to ensure that our residents safely endure any weather and disaster-related events that come their way.

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