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Christiana Foglio Receives Real Estate Humanitarian Award from American Conference on Diversity


The Commercial Real Estate Fall Networking and Awards Reception (CRE) is a significant industry-wide event, annually bringing together industry leaders to recognize the civic contributions of its distinguished members. Christiana Foglio is now the third woman to receive this prestigious CRE Humanitarian Award.

ACOD President and CEO Elizabeth Williams-Riley, and CIS CEO Christiana Foglio

Christiana Foglio received this award not only for her experience in the private and public sectors, but for her vision in building senior and multi-family housing that reflects each community's vision, needs, and character. After founding Community Investment Strategies in 1994, she grew her company's diverse portfolio to include more than 3,200 apartment rental units valued at over $600 million.

ACOD President and CEO Elizabeth Williams-Riley states, "We are excited to have such a wonderful honoree this year. It is wonderful to recognize the achievements that Christiana has made throughout the years and in this industry."

More than her success, though, is her determination to be a thoughtful developer, backing the development of communities purposefully and with people in mind.


American Conference on Diversity provides diversity training for businesses, experiential workshops and youth leadership programs for high school and college students and professional development workshops for educators.

"I was given a chance because of the work done by this conference." Explains CEO Christiana Foglio. "I believe that my inclusion at the table has enhanced thinking and outcomes. Any time we include different points of view, we have better outcomes."

Through their work to open the minds and hearts and touching thousands of lives, ACOD helps to build the capacity of individuals to become more courageous as they encounter and fight bigotry in their daily lives.

Schools need education and training to address bullying and violence in their schools and don’t have the resources. This benefit helps ACOD provide scholarships to students and schools to attend their Lead for Diversity Institute.

"I commend the American Conference on Diversity for over 70 years of hard work, explains CEO Christiana Foglio, "but more importantly of committed spirit towards inclusion."

For more than 40 years, this event has engaged the industry’s leading and emerging companies in important work to build more inclusive and just schools .

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