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Lawrenceville, NJ

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Heritage Village at Lawrence is a mixed-use
residential and commercial development located in the Lawrence Township Route 1 corridor. The location of this redevelopment project is the site of the former Trent Motel and an auto repair garage. Heritage Village has had a tremendous impact on this area of Lawrenceville through environmental site remediation and by removing eye-sores and replacing them with a more appropriate and attractive building that provides both affordable housing and commercial space.

The L-shaped, 3-story building is comprised of 8,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground level, 1,300 square feet community space, 2,800 square feet of leased office space, and residential apartments on all three floors. The community includes 64 one-bedroom, affordable senior rental apartments. Project amenities for the residents include a large community room with a catering kitchen, fireplace, library, and fl at-screen TV, a fitness
area on the second floor, a conference room on the third floor. A CIS resident bus provides transportation services. The building is filled with “green” features and is served by a roof top solar photovoltaic system.


New Construction 
64 Affordable Senior Rental Units
Ownership: CIS Owned and Managed
Construction Complete 2009
Total Investment: $16,603,108
Development Partners and Funding Sources:
LIHTC Equity, Regional Contribution Agreement, Mercer County HOME, NJDCA Balanced Housing, Commercial Funding (Loan & Equity), Developer Equity

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