Eligible Program Communities:

  • Windsor Crescent
  • Whitney Crescent
  • The Gardens at Birmingham
  • Oaks at Weatherby
  • Toms River Crescent
  • Tanyard Oaks


The mission of SWAG is to provide an outlet for property students to complete their required reading assignments in a conducive environment. Thus allowing more time to be focused on traditional summer activities i.e. play while still meeting the requirements set by the individual schools.

Rules & Regulations: The program is two hours a week for six weeks beginning in July and ending in August. Each community will select the required day individually. Studentswill be asked to submit a copy of their required summer reading list. From that list they will choose one book at a time that they wish to read. During reading time students will strive to read as many of their books as possible filling out chapter summaries after the completion of each individual chapter. The goals being for the student to complete as many books from their reading list as possible in six weeks.

Students will have incentives throughout the program as they will work in teams and individually. There will be awards based on team performance and you can gain points by reading books, good behavior etc. If students complete the summer reading program in full as deemed by the instructor and supervising committee, they will receive an Amazon Kindle preloaded with hundreds of books.