Energy Star Commitment

CIS’ overall mission is to provide affordable housing that is designed and constructed to be above and beyond standard. In doing so, we are consistently at the forefront in the implementation of new design elements, construction techniques, as well as using the best materials.

We are committed to developing communities that are beneficial to a neighborhood. As part of that commitment, we give our residents a home they can feel good about. From energy efficient systems and appliances to state-of-the-art ventilation and smoke-free living, our residents benefit from lower utility costs and enjoy a healthy environment. Greater energy efficiency helps improve resident comfort, reduce operating costs, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

From our first community, CIS partnered with the EPA Energy Star program to help design the most energy efficient systems.  A trusted brand, Energy Star has built a solid reputation on implementing cost effective and reliable energy strategies.  Having each apartment-home certified as Energy Star means our communities are 15% more energy efficient than a building built to meet code requirements.